There’s nothing worse... than spending the majority of your precious time outdoors, scratching and sweating through an inferior thermal layer.

Actually there is...having to cut short the best drink of the day (the one you have in your hand about 30 seconds after you come in from the cold) because you’re soaked, you stink and it looks suspiciously like you’re wearing an old pyjama top.

We can help! We’ve got the technology to keep you warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot, plus dry and stink-free no matter what. (And that rhymes so it must be true) 


The tech!

     Toasty Warm Top secret thermal properties developed just us (and you)


    Stay Dry System Our clever fabric design wicks away moisture, leaving you dryer than this pun.


     Extra LengthEveryone loves a few extra inches to stop 'ride up' and indecent exposure.

      No ItchExperience a snug hug, of a fit. Not a unbearable skin-tight scratch-a-thon.


    Anti-Stink Breathable fabric with permanent anti-odour treatment, inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi. 


Don't just take our word...


“I bought a natural selection top off you on Saturday. Having worn it I have come to notice that its actually dead good. Saved my ass too, I was frikkin freezing.” Doug

"I threw one of these base layers on the second I got to Freeze festival this year, cause if anyone remembers how cold it was that weekend, you'll understand why! The Bombr guys hooked me up with one of their uber rad new base layers for this season, and I was instantly sold! Super warm, super comfy, and with the material the Bombr guys have used, it doesn't even feel like a base layer! It's a lot softer than other base layers! I've since shredded with this base layer on the mountain, and with sweat wicking tech it's rocking, you actually stay dry! It really does work. And on top of that, I think all the base layers look sick! Jet packs and stuff, what more do you want!? Totally sold on my Bombr base layer and definitely going to be rocking it all season!! Thanks guys!" Will 

“Just got back from snowboard trip in Austria the temperatures were negative10oC and I wore a Bombr base layer. I really feel the cold and it kept me warm all day, a noticeable difference from my old thermal layers, love the extra length nothing worse than cold air hitting your lower back." Hayley

“They have thumb loops love stuff like that and how can anyone not like the jet packing bear!” Rob

 “I use my base layer for climbing, love the fabric super soft and anti-bac treatment is really good - great when no showers and we decide to got to the pub for a beer after a climb, I don’t stink everyone out now!” Carl

'My new Bombr base layer is toastie warm. Brilliant for running in on a cold morning and great for posing in at the gym - just think how good I'll look on the slopes! Thumb holes and longer length body, covering my bum, and keep out the snow are an added bonus! The built in anti-stink cuts down on washing too!' Hannah 

"My bomber thermals stop me from freezing my bollocks off! : )" Tim 

"I got my bombr top and haven't worn another baselayer since, it keeps me warm, is super comfortable and is way more stylish than all the boring ones you get - great idea and fantastic product' Daniel Berg

We hope you love them just as much!